House Decorating Ideas for a Black and White Living Space

Black and white is something that you’re going to find a lot of in most homes, however it isn’t always intentional. This can leave it looking like it hasn’t really even been decorated. In this case it makes a lot more sense to just make sure that you use these colors in very graphic ways. This can work in every single room in your home and it’s a great option if you don’t want to really paint or you want more of a classic style. This is a staple in most apartments but you can just make sure that you go for over the top furnishings.

Toile is a very popular fabric that is French inspired. It can be country or modern and matches anything from a red sofa or purple curtains. You might just want to make sure that you use this in unexpected ways. This could be a simple table runner on a black painted table for a country look that’s even elegant enough to be used around the holidays. Another option would be to go with this on window treatments. Patterned window treatments can become dated quickly but since this is such a really beautiful design style you should just ensure that you go with a classic color palette that is really going to match.

You can also try mixing and matching your trim colors. This could be very simple with black walls and white trim or even black trim to dress up plain white walls. This can be very retro inspired. Another option is just to look for hotel types of linens and towels. Instead of the traditional woven band and tonal stripe this is going to use ribbon as an edging. This makes neutral colors a lot more interesting. You should just make sure that you get a very elegant look with high thread count sheets or duvet covers although the ribbon might make it so that it needs to be dry cleaned so check the tag before you buy.

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