How Do People In Their Golden Years React To New Mobiles?

The answer is varied, as many senior citizens are pretty tech savvy, since they have so much time on their hands after retirement. The new mobiles are probably widely received by large percentage of people over sixty five years of age, but the old timers that have problems with their vision will probably pass on the whole issue of new mobile phones as they do not want to have to use a magnifying glass to read a text message from their granddaughter. You are talking about a generation that started using phones when they were only in the home, and they weighed about ten pounds.

Since people are living so much longer, they have more years to live after they start drawing their pensions, and any technology that will make their life easier they will accept whole heartedly. There are some that think that these phones are bad, and they do not want anything to with them, due to their fear of the unknown. Many people advanced in age, do not trust much of anything, and if it is a new technology, they treat it like it's the devil's workshop. This passive conspiracy theory of course is a bunch of nonsense, but these people exist anyway.

So for your parents retirements parties, why not give them each a new iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or a new Samsung Windows Phone to improve their communications, and computing skills. They can take photos and videos of their vacations and send them directly to their Facebook page, email, or via text message you and their grand kids. Just be patient and show them how everything works over a couple of weeks time, and they will have it mastered. This would be a perfect time to let your kid’s showoff their technical skills by helping grandma and grandpa get their phones squared away for them.

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