How To Blog Effectively About Daily Activities and Still Be Interesting To Your Reader

Are you ever overwhelmed by the idea of blogging? Just like writing on a piece of paper, the plain white screen can be a daunting obstacle when you're trying to get your thoughts into words. The standard tips on how to blog usually include outlining before writing, making sure you have a thesis sentence, and writing about things that you are passionate about, and these are good tips, but they are somewhat theoretical and may not be terribly applicable for everyone. Let's look at writing about the simplest thing you can - the things you did today - and see how that can be valuable content to offer to your reader. It can also serve as a great way to ease your way into filling your editor with content.

Blogging About The Day Will Introduce You To The Reader
Putting a little personality into your writing will make readers more comfortable with you. New readers will get a taste of the kind of person you are, which makes it easy for them to actually relate to your blog as a whole. This is how you develop long term readers. The people who have been around for awhile will be interested in hearing what you have been up to, and will want to know your point of view on it. Once people feel like they've gotten to know you, they'll be interested when you talk about being so tired when your alarm went off that you went to hit the clock and accidentally knocked your glass of water on the floor. After telling that story, you can move into the point of your post. Maybe you want to write about a stronger coffee you've decided to try, or you want to talk about how America in general doesn't get enough sleep. Any topic that has anything to do with getting up in the morning will apply once you open with such a story.

A Personal Story Will Break Your Writer's Block
Some people have trouble starting a blog post because they aren't sure where to begin. Writing the beginning of any piece is tricky - professional writers can spend hours or even days getting that first sentence just right. So instead of worrying about it, just start by writing something about your day so far. Write about how you feel, what you're doing, or the comfortable pajamas you're still in even though it's two in the afternoon. Even if you go back and change it before you publish the post, it will get you started. You'll be checking in with yourself in a way, which will also make your writing most honest than it would be otherwise.

Writing Clarifies Your Own Thinking Process
When we think, our thoughts can go in a million directions at once. There is no structure or organization to human thought. Writing is completely linear and requires a basic structure just to get words down on paper. This mental organization is a skill that you will get better at the more you do it. Starting by writing about yourself will help you get your scattered, pre-writing thoughts onto the paper, and once you're in writing mode, you can get to the points you want to get to. It's a way to get your brain working in the way you need it to, and only then trying to write down the important stuff.

You will find, after writing and promoting your site, that you begin to accumulate interested readers that like what you have to say about yourself. It will lead to a rewarding website experience. For more advice on starting and operating a website, check Website Obsession, which includes dozens of articles designed to help you make the best website possible.

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