How to Build Flexible Indoor Rabbit Cages

It is probably not so well known among newbie rabbit owners that you can actually build your own rabbit cage. Why would you want to do that? Well, first of all most of the commercially available rabbit cages are rather small and more or less for portable use. So if you need large indoor rabbit cages that totally adapt to your personal living circumstances, you are better off learning some DIY skills.

One of the easiest methods for beginners is to hack a dog crate. They are large enough for your rabbit and you can install shelves, toys and feeding bowls as needed. However, there is no provision for litter boxes so you are on your own when you think about how to solve this problem. You probably want to add some sort of litter box within the cage and train your rabbit to use it.

The most elegant solution would be to purchase frame wire and grid plates and construct a cage according to your own plan. This is actually a fun excercise and you can let your creative mind do the work. For instance, you can decide the dimensions and install a few toys while you are working on the housing.

You can find dozens of good plans and instructions on the internet. Mostly you will find these on pet-related forums. One particular good book on Amazon that is even available as an eBook for the Kindle is „Rabbit Hutches - What You Need to Know Before You Buy or Build One“ by Jason Stevenberg. It introduces you to topics such as how much room you need to make for your rabbit, what a rabbit hutch run is and whether the material for your cage should be wood or metal.

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