How to Build Raised Garden Beds

When you want your yard to be better looking, interesting, and attractive, you must add raised garden beds to your yard. They will surely look wonderful if you have knowledge about raised gardens and if it is done properly. The most important thing on building a good raised garden, is to build a solid and stable foundation that is always level. It will surely take a lot of work, but it’s not that hard to build if you have proper knowledge how to raise beds. It really needs patience because it will surely take time before it will look that beautiful.

The first thing to do is to buy all the bricks that you will be using for building. There are lots of kinds of bricks; buying square bricks will make you garden bed to look square or rectangle. However, if you want your garden to have curves in the wall, you should buy trapezoid shaped bricks.

The next thing to do is to choose a spot in your yard where a raised garden bed would be created. Then, do some lay-outing of bricks on the grass in order to determine what would be the shape of your garden bed. Your ultimate goal here is to come up with a great design that you like and to know how many bricks you need to use for your project. You should always remember that you need to do all four sides of the raised garden bed. When you are sure what design you garden bed would be, then, you will use a marker to number the bricks. Take this as example, if you have 40 bricks, you must number them as 1/40, 2/40, 3/40, 4/40, 5/40, etc. The marker used in the forty bricks will be permanent, but don’t worry; the bricks will soon be covered so it really doesn’t matter.

After doing those steps, you are now ready to remove the grasses below the bricks. Go around the edge of the bricks on both sides with the use of a garden tool, it would be best if you would use an edger. You should push the edger deep on the ground in order to cut the grass so that it will be easy for you to remove them. After you have gone around all the bricks, you can now remove them and put them to the side. Now, you should remove the grass; try to start where the bricks were placed. After the removal of the grass, you can now dig down a few inches. After digging, you must remove all the remaining grass to make it neat.

After the removal of all grasses, you are now ready to prepare the most important thing, the foundation of the bricks. All bricks must sit on at least two inches of screening, and they should be two inches below the ground based on the lowest point of the garden. The last point is also very important, as most yards will have slope to them, but you don’t want your garden to have slope. It

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