How to Care for Acne in Adults

A lot of adults, whether male or female, may struggle with acne some time in their lives. About 50 percent of the female population experiencse acne while 25 percent of the male community suffers from the condition. The commonly affected part of the skin where acne develops is the face and there are times when the back is also affected. The main cause of acne is bacteria that breeds and multiplies on the skin when there’s too much oil on it. Hormonal imbalances and stress also cause acne as they can trigger the release of excessive oil on the skin. The following are some methods to deal with adult acne.

Pimples are unsightly and people try so hard to get rid of them or conceal them. Some may even try to prick the pimples on their face. This is not skin-friendly, though and may leave scars or worsen the acne problem. A pimple can be properly removed by cleaning and puncturing it the right way. Wash the affected area with a mild antibacterial soap. Sterilize a needle first before using it to puncture the head of the pimple. A cotton ball should then be moistened with warm water and then gently pressed over the puncture pimple to absorb the pus from it.

Acne should be controlled and prevented from becoming worse. You can do this by making sure that you wash your face twice or more daily. When you wash your face, use an antibacterial soap that’s gentle on the skin and leave it on the affected area for at least a couple of minutes before washing it off. After rinsing the soap, gently pat your skin to dry then apply a moisturizer that’s oil-free. Meanwhile, individuals with severe acne may need to apply Benzoyl peroxide or similar topical treatment to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

Water is also a very good weapon in acne control and prevention so drink lots of water. The recommendation is to drink ten or more glasses of water every day to flush toxins out and keep the pores clean. Maintain the healthy habit to enjoy long-term results. Moreover, following a consistent acne care system will make the acne disappear for good. However, more severe cases might need to be examined by a healthcare professional.

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