How To Choose The Right Fly Fishing Rod

Choosing the right fly fishing rod to help you get started on your angling endeavors does not have to be a difficult affair. If you know the terms that you are going to encounter while shopping around, and understand what they mean under different circumstances, you'll have a much easier time making the final decision on which fly rod to purchase. We've outlined some of the terms that you will see while shopping for fly fishing rods in this article, to help you make that final decision.

Fly Rod Weight - The rod weight describes how heavy of a fly line you are able to put on it, and still achieve a good casting stroke. Heavier weight rods, such as 7 weight, 8 weight, and 9 weight rods are excellent when you are targeting larger fish such as steelhead, salmon, or bass. However, if you have smaller fish as your intended target, you will want to consider a lighter weight rod in the 5 weight or 6 weight range.

Fly Rod Length - The length of the rod determines how far you are able to cast your delicate flies, and still maintain your accuracy. Longer rods are perfect in areas where you are able to get long casts out, such as open lakes or large rivers. If you fish in brush choked streams most often, however, you are going to want to go with a shorter rod in the 7'6" to 8'0" length.

Fly Rod Action - The action of the rod determines how far down the rod will begin bending under pressure. Soft action rods bend all the way through to the reel seat, and are considered whippy in action. Medium action rods bend down to the center of the rod, and fast action rods only bend at the tip. Fast action rods provide much more pressure when you have a fish on the end of it.

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