How To Combat The Weight Loss Plateau

When I started joining a fitness club, I instantly lost a lot of weight during the first few months of my training program. But later on, I realized that I have stopped losing weight, and that I have reached the plateau stage in my weight loss plan. I tried to continue with the fitness program, but to no avail – I still weigh the same. Perhaps you have encountered the same weight loss problem. Well, wait no more as I impart to you my best kept secrets on how to combat and overcome workout plateau.

1. Trick your body.

Just like the brain, your body is smart and it can adapt to certain conditions if it is done regularly. So the key here is to trick your body into something that will keep it guessing. For instance, try out a new fitness routine, or do yoga or kick boxing aside from your usual stationary-biking or treadmill-walking exercise program. This will keep you out of the fitness plateau in no time.

2. Fluctuate the calorie intake.

Calorie cycling is one of the helpful tips that can help you combat that dreaded plateau. All you need to do is mix up your calorie intake but still maintain your level of consumption. Say, your daily calorie intake is 2000; you may want to spread out some of it to another day by eating just 1700 calories today and then eating 2300 calories tomorrow. This calorie cycling will keep your body in a curious phase, thus avoiding the imminent plateau.

3. Modify meal frequency

It is still best to eat small frequent meals than to eat 3 big meals in a day. Having an in between snack will reduce the serving size of your main meals. Just keep your meals as normal as possible; breakfast, lunch and dinner with a meal in between each to keep your metabolism going. This is an extremely useful tip in breaking your weight loss plateau.

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