How to Convert 15 Pin to USB

An Adapter Must be Purchased for Newer Computer for Game Controller Use

A fifteen pin serial port connection is usually found on video game controllers that were used on computers in the past. This type of connection is linked to 15 pin ports on older model computers. Newer computer models do not have the aforementioned ports, but, instead make use of USB ports. Therefore, you will need to buy a 15 pin to USB adapter to make use of a game controller on a newer computer system.

What Items are Needed in order to Make the Conversion

In order to make the conversion, you will need the video game controller, a USB to 15 pin adapter, the installation CD for the adapter and CD for installing the video game controller. It’s a relatively simple process to initiate as you simply connect the USB adapter into your computer’s USB port. Follow up by affixing the 15 pin cable from the game controller to the 15 pin port on the USB adapter before tightening the accompanying hardware or screws.

Steps for Installation

Next you will need to insert the CD for the USB adapter into your computer’s CD drive. Follow the prompts and instructions. After removing the CD for the adapter, put the installation CD for the game controller driver into the same drive. Again, follow the prompts and instructions to install the video game controller.

A Step Back in Time

Using a USB to 15 pin adapter will enable you to enjoy games (especially flight simulator games) that rely on the use of joy sticks. The 15 pin adapter for your USB terminal will take you back to video game playing of the 80s when the game port was first introduced by IBM. This type of port required the use of two joysticks for certain video games. The game port was eliminated when Microsoft started marketing the Windows Vista program. Joysticks, in particular, are game controller peripherals, or sticks that can be tilted and turned around one of two axes made to be used by the predominant hand of the operator.

A Featured Component of IBM Model Computers in the 80s and 90s

The older game port is an analog port. Therefore, it depends on an ADC (or analog to digital converter) in order to understand joystick movements. The game port used for games that required the use of game controllers, such as joy sticks, was a featured component of IBM PCs from the 80s throughout the 90s. Ultimately, the connector was replaced by USB ports at the beginning of 2000. The old game port, once housed on an expansion card, subsequently became integrated with sound cards for PCs.

Calibration is Necessary for Joystick Use

Calibration is essential for using joysticks, whether they make use of digital or analog signals, and is facilitated by moving the joystick so as the determine optimum excursion and axis values. As a result, the game port necessitates the use of accurate software for reading input as well as detailed programming. Joysticks often support four main buttons although advanced game ports can feature as many as 20 buttons, thereby requiring altering the joystick’s circuitry or using pins that are not normally used.

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