How to Cope With Bladder Control Problems

For men that suffer from occasional leaks due to recovery from prostate surgery or other illness, finding a quick, portable and cost effective solution is very important. There are lots of male incontinence pads and products on the market today, but some of the best solutions for minor urinary issues are not so well known. A couple highly effective ways to stop leakage is with a compact adult brief or a cunningham incontinence clamp. Both are great choices for many reasons.

One of the most popular methods for stopping occasional leaks is the adult diaper or adult brief. The reason is quite simple: they are available virtually everywhere and easier to use than condom catheters. Besides being easy to stock and purchase, the usage is also simple. They slide on just like underwear and a man can be set for a full day's protection in just minutes. Nothing could be simpler. The newest briefs on the market today are much thinner than the older styles and are almost indistinguishable from a pair of regular fashion briefs.

A very compact and dependable solution is the also easy to use, but far less known. The cunningham clamp offers a tiny solution to the big problem of bladder control. This item is far from the mainstream, but word of mouth among users have caused their popularity to spread in recent years. This clamp stops the flow of urine by compression and is adjustable to fit any man. These devices can be cleaned at home and used over and over again making it very friendly to the wallet.

Either of these two choices can help any man end his daily bathroom frustration. Because the clamp can only be used for part of the day, it is highly likely that the total treatment plan will include both a brief and a clamp. These are both great methods to ensure freedom of movement and also freedom from worrying.

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