How To Impress A Girl You Like While Living Your Own Life

Impressing girls comes naturally to some men, and maybe not so naturally to others. Luck has nothing to do with it. It is a common myth that girls are attracted to men of riches and fashion, sleek cars and hi-tech gadgets. Despite few exceptions, most women are only temporarily impressed with possessions of a man. Although a man’s sense of dressing is important (since shabby dressing repels anyone), it is his character that makes her want to be with him.

Maintaining the Balance

You must be wondering how to impress a girl you like. It all boils down to how you treat her. There is a fine balance that needs to be maintained in order to keep the lady to yourself. Most men think that giving too much attention to their girlfriends will impress them; but this typically is a failure. Although a woman desires that her man gives her all his attention, in reality this is a turn-off for girls. When a guy calls in too often, sends 100 text messages a day to her, or wants to hang out too much, girls at times will get annoyed. Sometimes it’s not even the man’s fault. Girls naturally love to be desired, but not excessively.  So really guys, just be yourselves unless your girl demands your attention.

Things to Consider

How to flirt with a girl is an age old question, especially for young men who are still discovering how complicated women can be. The fundamental point is that you don’t over do it. You can really catch a girl’s attention by flirting with her at times but ignoring her at other times. Although these are confusing signs for girls, eventually you will get access into their minds in this way. Excessive flirting is a big no-no. If you don’t know the girl too well, flirt with her lightly; make a funny remark. Get her to laugh every now and then.

What A Girl Wants

What girls really want in a guy is someone who is confident and comfortable with themselves.  Men who act desperate and needy are simply not attractive.  Women love it when single men don’t complain over not having a girlfriend. This proves to girls that when a relationship hits the rocks, such a man will not run to other girls for comfort. Such men make women feel emotionally secure. When a man is content in himself, he will naturally treat his woman in the right way. It is when insecurity sets in that makes men act impulsive. Also, set ambitions and work at achieving them. Hard work and ambitions display poise in a man.

Men today are constantly bombarded with ideas of girls by media and society. Almost all of these ideas are temporal and disrespectful. Soaking yourself in body spray or using the best mouthwash will not help you keep your girl (although these shouldn’t be neglected, they are not central to meaningful relationships). Women are interested in men, who are broad in mind and who don’t act like boys.

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