How to Insulate A Garage Door

If you Want to Know How to Insulate a Garage Door – You Can Make it Easy on Yourself by Buying a Garage Door Kit

If you know how to insulate a garage door or you can purchase one of the garage door kits on the Internet for insulating your garage door, then you can make your garage a much more comfortable place in the summer or wintertime. Insulating your garage door, especially if your garage is attached to your home, will help reduce the amount you have to pay in heating and cooling your house. Even if your garage is not attached, insulation makes any time you spend in your garage more agreeable.

Insulation Reduces the Level of Noise Too

If you do buy a garage door kit for your garage or choose to buy insulation separately, you not only will find that this kind of installation keeps the warmth or cool from escaping from the interior of your garage, you will also notice that the level of sound is reduced as well – especially nice if you live somewhere that experiences a good deal of noise from traffic.

A Reduction in Cost and Increase in Comfort

So, basically, if you know how to insulate a garage door, you will be doing yourself a big favor when it comes to reducing utility costs and increasing interior comfort. Specifically, with respect to garage doors on attached garages, it’s really a necessity that you make provisions for insulation.

An Uninsulated Garage Door and Garage is More of a Fire Hazard

Not only can heat and cold more easily escape through uninsulated, doors and sidewalls, the home becomes more of a fire hazard too. Even if the wall that is attached to the house is fire-rated, without insulation, the home is not as safe against the possible outbreak of an inferno. Also, carbon monoxide can become more of a problem if the garage and door lack any insulating material.

Polyurethane Insulation

Before insulating the door, however, you will need to take measurements, whether you buy a garage door kit or choose to install the insulation yourself. If you are opting to use polyurethane foam, then you’ll need to produce a measurement so you will know how much insulation to buy. Usually, garage door insulation is sold in rolls – easy enough to size, cut, and place inside the garage door’s panels. Once you insert the foam in the panels, you will want to use aluminum tape in order to secure it.

Installing Weatherstripping

On the other hand, you may want to use polystyrene foam, which is usually affixed to the inside of the garage door with an adhesive. You can also use a weather strip on the door as well, which will help to keep any chill or icy wind from finding its way into your garage. Weatherstripping is exceptionally easy to install and is designed to adhere, with adhesive, to the gateway.

Green-friendly, Cost-effective, and Long-lasting

Insulation is a sound investment, wherever you place it in your garage as, again, it reduces energy costs, increases safety, lowers the amount of noise, and will last for years. In addition to keeping out the heat and cold, it will also discourage any kind of infestation as well – definitely a home improvement that is green-friendly, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

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