How To Send Fax From Email

Wondering how to fax from email? Fax is an essential communication tool used by millions of individuals and businesses across the globe. But wouldn't it be nice to not be limited to faxing from a fax machine? With an email fax service you can finally break free.

No training or special requirements are needed to send fax from Gmail. If you can send and receive email than faxing via email will be no problem for you. You do not have to be a computer tech to send and receive fax from your email. Email fax was designed to be easy to use, affordable, secure and reliable. All you need to get started is to be connected to the internet via a computer or laptop.

To begin using email fax you need to sign up with an email fax service. There are many providers but the most trusted services are RingCentral, Nextia, MyFax and eFax. You don't even have to worry about wasting any money right now because you can enjoy a FREE 30 day trial from these services as well and begin to send fax from computer.

When you sign up with an email fax service you will specify the email you want associated with your online fax account. This email can be from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other email. Email fax is compatible with all types of email. I setup up my account with my Gmail email and I can send and receive fax from Gmail or the online dashboard provided by the internet fax service.

Once you sign-up your account is activated immediately. Once you get setup (only takes a few minutes) you can quickly send your first fax from Gmail. Simply login to your Gmail account and create a new message. As mention in the beginning, this process is very similar to normal email. The only difference is that in the "To:" area you will be placing the fax number followed by @ and then the server of the online fax provider. For example is you signed up with RingCentral you would place in

Then you can attach documents if needed. The attachments that you include when you fax from Gmail or any other email or even from the online dashboard, can be in several formats such as PDF, DOC, TIFF and many other extensions. This is a great feature that email fax providers include, you have lots of flexibility and overall you get to enjoy more features compared to using a fax machine.

The final step is to click "Send" and that's it! No annoying busy dial tones, no wasting paper and no fax machine needed. When you click send your fax is encrypted for security and sent to the fax number you entered.

Receiving a fax on Gmail is just as easy. Simply give the sender your fax number and when they send you a fax it will be converted and sent to your email. You can receive faxes from anyone, anywhere in the world. You receive a free fax number when you sign up, which is called an internet fax number. Internet fax number work just like any other fax number except you do not need an extra phone and there are no installations.

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