How To Shop For Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

Buying a stainless steel coffee mug can easily cost you more than you need. The best travel mugs tend to cost well past twenty dollars with some even passing thirty. These mugs are definitely worth buying due to their extreme quality but because they are so expensive when compared to the countless array of five dollar travel mugs found at every local Walmart or Target you really need to practice some care when shopping for the really good mugs. Shopping around can really save you some decent money.

The first thing to note when shopping for the most expensive travel mugs is that the most expensive mugs are usually about five tot en dollars more expensive than the good mugs which aren’t quite as fancy. You can usually find a mug in the mid teens which is almost just as good as the best options available but lacking some small features.

One really excellent feature of the best thermal travel mugs is the ability to keep coffee hot for hours and hours – some of these mugs can keep hot coffee hot for five hours or more. This is nice and all but not a lot of people really need this kind of insulation. You can usually save quite a bit by simply finding the top quality mugs that will keep temperature for one to two hours. These will usually be insulated and have an excellent lid but won’t be quite as heavy as the long term mugs.

The other main thing to remember when shopping for a good stainless steel mug is to look for mugs online where the cost is almost always a good ten to twenty percent cheaper than in stores. Amazon is one excellent place to look because you can comparison shop and review all the customer reviews and almost always be sure you are buying for less than at a store like Target. By buying online and buying an insulated travel mug with features that are necessary rather than cool you can always save a bundle and still be happy with your purchase.

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