How to Spice Up the Communication in Your Long Distance Relationship

What to talk about in a long distance relationship? Are there any really catchy topics? I bet you have the wrong impression that you have to impress your far way significant other with your brilliant subjects.

It is actually very far from the truth. Communication is really important. It’s actually the only way that you can connect with them and is important to know a few things about long distance communication. Let’s explore some of the real and challenging topics that should always be approached when you communicate with your partner. These are a couple of long distance relationship tips.

  • The most important topics in the world are the topics that get you excited. It doesn’t matter what it is. You don’t need to worry about the topics. Not even a bit. You should probably avoid conversational fillers because you don’t want to spend time with your significant other talking about non sense just to fill the void. Remember, enthusiasm is your highway, doesn’t matter what “car” you are driving, you will get there. Chose the simple subjects and you can also play games like “20 questions to ask a guy or a girl”.
  • People are so obsessed with shocking topics that they lose the purpose of communication. They don’t realize that the topics should be related to how you feel and what you really think. After all, we are communicating so we can learn more about one another. A topic is just a way through which helps that learning process. By expressing our happiness and our sadness about the things in our lives, we are becoming more real to our long distance partner. So talk about your achievements, your downsides, your principles and everything else that defines you in relation to what is happening around you.
  • Your daily life is important. The little things in your life are important and “no”, they are not boring, they are normal and normal is great! After all, your relationship is normal as well. It’s a mistake to believe that you are no worthy of conversation if nothing extraordinary has happen to you today. Chances are there will be very few moments of “shock and awe” in your life, so don’t bother too much looking for them just so you can impress other people. Be happy with the little things and express that happiness to your long distance partner.

Talking is important. Especially in a long distance relationship. But also, be aware of the compatibility between you and your partner. We attract our opposite. So when it comes to talking and listening in a compatible relationship, one partner is more of talkative while the other one listens more. So which ever role you have, be happy with it. If you like to listen more, be happy with your role. Your partner loves that there is someone that listens to them. Just test what I’m saying and ask them : “do you love when I listen to you a lot, and let you talk?” I bet they will say “yes”. Don’t be surprised. They really do.

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