How to Transfer VHS to DVD: Transfer 8MM To DVD

If you are a Dad or Mom digitizing your family’s old home movies or videos, you may be wondering what specific media you are going to use when you burn your project to DVD. Here is some helpful information for you.

Dual layer DVD burners are the best devices to use to transfer 8mm film to DVD or VHS to DVD because they can burn dual layer media which can hold more than the regular 4.7GB DVD - almost twice the video. There is DVD+R DL (said as "DVD plus R DL") and there is DVD-R DL (said as "DVD minus R DL"). The "DL" stands for "dual layer" or "double layer." There is not much real difference between the two just make sure you have a burner that actually can record to one of these DL DVD formats.

The DVD+R DL is a little bit more popular - but not by that much. It holds a little bit more data, too. The actual names of the manufacturers that mass produce these discs are not the names you see on the outside. They are more the “distributor,” if you will. Many experts, if you ask them, will recommend Taiyo Yuden JVC or Verbatim because they have the most consistent quality. This is perhaps due to the way they manage the quality that comes from the manufacturing plants that do the mass production.

Pick one of these or test some others and see for yourself which works better for you. A little testing is very important to some. Whatever the method you use to make your choice, find a brand and stick with it so you can continue to achieve consistent results again and again.

So, when you are learning how to transfer VHS to DVD, it is very important to know what DVD media discs will work to provide you the best results. Good luck.

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