Top 3 Indoor Herb Garden Kits

When looking for a great way to improve your cooking at home, consider adding a small herb garden. These green plants can add flavor to dishes that can never be obtained from the small jars of dried herbs purchased at the store. In addition, the plants offer vitamins and enzymes that are often lost in the drying process. If considering purchase of an indoor herb garden kit, any of the following three can provide a virtually endless supply of herbs.

Herb Garden Kit Reviews

1. Italian Herb Garden Kit

The Grow Your Own Italian Herb Garden Kit by Toysmith provides users with a 5-inch organic garden kit that can several different plants in one container. The container is shaped like a miniature strawberry jar and is approximately four inches square and five inches tall, the perfect size for persons with limited space. The little pot provides holes in which each of the seed pellets is placed. Once watered, the pellets will expand to fill the container. Since the container is unfinished terra cotta, it will allow water to flow through the pottery, so owners will want to be sure that they place a drip tray underneath to protect the windowsill. Seeds enclosed with the planter include chives, basil and oregano, classic herbs used in much of Italy when cooking. When needing fresh herbs to add to a dish, they are simply snipped and the plants continue to grow and provide more for your next cooking need. In needing more than just the three herbs that can grow in the one pot, consider purchasing a pair or trio of these cute little planters. Many buyers were not pleased with the quality of the product, but others found its rustic appearance to be very charming and add to the character of the garden. The product can be used indoors or out. Customer reviews of this product reveal no negative reviews. Customers are generally pleased with their purchase and the quality of the product.

2. Simple Garden Junior Herb Kit

The Simple Garden Junior 3-Pack Herb Garden Kit provides buyers with everything needed to start a herb garden as soon as it arrives. This kit is ideal for use by experienced gardeners as well as by beginner. The kit offers a self draining system to protect plants from overwatering and to maximize the growth of plants. The three planters are four inches square. A compressed brick of enriched soil is simply placed in the pot and watered to restore. A planting template ensures that the seeds are spread for even growth. The kit includes three packets of seeds, cilantro, oregano and basil.

Instructions are included as to the depth to plant the seeds in the soil, number of days until the user can expect to see growth, amount of sun exposure needed for outdoor or indoor use and the height of the plant when mature. A six page guide to growing herbs is included with a comprehensive illustrated guide. The guide speaks to such issues as watering, feeding, soil preparation and the correct temperature range for growing fantastic herbs. The planter is available in nine different designer colors, offering the perfect complement to practically any home. This particular planter has several warnings to remind consumers that it has very small parts that are not suitable for children under the age of four. It is designed for indoor use only and small enough to sit on a windowsill. Customer reviews of this product are mixed. Many found the instructions to be less than clear. However, other customers found it to be good for starting herbs, flowers and vegetables.

3. DuneCraft Dome Terranium

DuneCraft Dome Terrariums provides the opportunity for owners to successfully have herbs growing in the kitchen in a week or less. This kit provides all that is needed for the user to grow the plants. The dome can be used as a starter terrarium for plants that are then transplanted to other types of gardens, or the plants can simply be left in the dome. The box includes five seed packets, one each of parsley, cilantro, dill, sage and basil. In addition to the terrarium and seeds, the kit include stakes, decals, gravel for drainage and a planting mixed based on peat with peralite for improved drainage. Instructions are also included.

Tips on Choosing Organic Herb Kits

When looking for an organic herb kit, shoppers will find that there are many from which to choose. Gardens with a cover can help to provide the soil heat needed to speed germination of the plants, however, can overheat the tender young plants if left covered on warm days in a sunny window. In addition, the covers will need to be removed to provide growth room for the plant. Kits with several pots provide more soil for growth than a single container with several compartments. A drainage system that prevents overwatering can help to prevent loss of plants by overzealous gardeners.

Herb garden kits provide a great option for persons with limited space to enjoy the hobby of gardening. These kits are ideal for apartment dwellers that may only have a windowsill available for gardening. Whether the user chooses to leave the plants in the kit container or transfer them to other plants later, the kits can enhance the growing experience.

When looking for a great hobby that can provide the relaxation of watching plants grow as well as improve the flavor of the food coming out of the kitchen, consider adding an indoor herb garden kit. The plants grown in the kit can increase the vitamin and nutrition element of the food from the kitchen. These additives can add a gourmet touch to the foods you prepare. They offer subtle flavors that cannot be found in bottled spices. Consumers should spend some time learning about the best herbs to grow in the kitchen for use in their favorite variety of foods. While herbs are often best when used fresh, they can also be harvested and frozen to keep the great flavor not available from most commercial spices.

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