Inflatable Halloween Yard Decorations – Scare Your Halloween Guests This Year

Halloween is almost here again and our whole family is getting very excited. It is almost as much fun planning all those decorations and lights as the actual evening itself. Not only do we make a real effort with Halloween costumes for the trick or treat, but also we love to set a great mood in the garden as well. Now the usual procedure is to get our colored string lights up, along with the old hanging man in the front garden tree and then some more extras as we go along.

But this year I have seen something which has really got me frothing at the mouth, besides splashing out on a few cheap scary Halloween decorations. How about a huge skeletal character on an 11 foot cart pulling a huge orange pumpkin in the front garden! Well that is what I could have if I bought one of the many fantastic inflatable Halloween decorations out there. So I have had a chat with one of my friends who experimented last year and found out a few things that seriously impress me about these

Boy Do They Look Good As Halloween Yard Decorations

These boys have real gob smack appeal. They can be big or even bigger, light up in the dark and have a superb range of design. These range from a large black car to castle archways, haunted pirate ships and a great Halloween tree complete with ghosts. There really is something for you and your kids to enjoy, whatever your particular scare at Halloween

Up And Down In A Flash

My friend told me he was worried about putting inflatable Halloween decorations up at first, but once he realized how easy it was, wished he'd done it before. They all come with a little motor that you plug in. It inflates the decorations in just a few minutes. It's the same when you want to take it down again to store

You get everything you need as well to combat the elements and especially the wind in case you were wondering. Each one comes with a full set of tethers and ropes to allow you to keep it stable and grounded

Dead Cheap To Use

All of the ones I have seen so far also light up in the dark which is really great. But what about the cost of that I wondered. Well a couple of things really you need to know. First of all these Halloween inflatables are only going to be up for a few weeks and not year round. Secondly I have been reliably told that some of the electricity companies have confirmed that they are just as cheap if not cheaper to run than a standard set of outdoor string lights. So that's cool with me.

So I am off to see which one I am going to buy. As far as I am concerned this is a real investment. These bad boys are thin but tough so will store nicely until next year, ready to scare the pants off the next foolish mortals who enter our haunted garden at Halloween!

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