Inspection Camera Reviews – Top 3 Inspection Cameras

Sometimes, you need a little help if you have lost an item or need to make a repair but do not have visual access in order to facilitate the process. The following three inspection cameras can be of great assistance. Therefore, the following featured inspection camera reviews can help you decide which inspection camera can best meet your needs.

#1 - The DeWalt DCT410S1 12-Volt Max Inspection Camera Kit

This DeWalt inspection camera kit comes with everything you need to find as well as retrieve hard-to-reach items. The camera is equipped with a 3.5 inch screen which detaches for convenient viewing in tight nooks and crannies. The 12-volt camera also features an SC card so you can document any photos too. As indirectly noted, the camera comes with a hook and tools to help you recoup items you find with the camera.

The camera is relatively easy to use as the lens is affixed to a three foot snake. In addition, you will find items that are difficult to access with the camera’s pistol-grip control. Therefore, with the lens attached to a snake, you can look into corners, and in and behind structures and walls for objects – impossible to see without the camera. Plus lens and snake are both water-resistant, making any search all the more simple. As a result, you can even search for small objects in water-clogged drains or pipes.

Or maybe you are a mechanic. Then use this inspection camera to look inside the walls of cylinders. This 12-volt inspection camera operates on a rechargeable lithium battery that recharges in as little as an hour. What’s more, you can search locations from a distance of 20 feet. All the features also are backed by a three-year limited warranty, free service for a year, and a guarantee that you’ll be happy with your purchase or you’ll get a refund for up to 90 days.

#2 - Milwaukee 2310-21 Cordless M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera with 12-Volt Lithium Ion Battery

Another 12-volt inspection camera you may like is the Milwaukee 2310-21 cordless M-Spector digital inspection model camera. This camera provides high-resolution pictures and exceptional focus. The LCD on the camera measures 2.4 inches, giving you a precise view of a targeted item or object. The camera provides brightness control and reduction of glare so you can see objects without fear that the image will not seen in intense lighting conditions. You will like the ergonomically designed handle, which makes it comfortable for you to operate the camera from a number of angles.

In addition, the camera showcases an automatic shut-off feature, which saves on the amount of current used by the battery. The camera also comes with a cable that is waterproof and can be extended as much as nine feet with the purchase extra extensions. Therefore, you can use the camera in damp environments. Maneuver the cable for the camera in very small spaces too – measuring no more than an inch in some cases. Plus, the inspection camera comes with a zoom lens, so you can look for the smallest of objects if necessary.

For crystal clear reception and dependable use in pipes and small spaces – most camera inspection reviews give high marks to the Milwaukee 2310-21 inspection camera.

#3 - General Tool DCS300 Deluxe Professional Scope Color Camera

The final inspection camera worth mentioning is the DCS300 deluxe professional scope color camera by General Tool. Just like the other two cameras in the previous inspection camera reviews, this General Tool product comes with a 3-foot probe or cable, thereby making it easy for you to search and find specific objects. In addition, a mirror, hook and mirror come with the device so any lost items can be just that much more easily found and recovered. The camera is battery-powered but also comes with an AC adapter as well.

The twelve millimeter camera is designed with LED lighting that can be adjusted and a resolution that provides great detail for anyone working in the plumbing, electrical, or automotive trades. Indeed, viewing inaccessible places is done with ease with this waterproof, 9-volt inspection camera.

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