Invacare Electric Wheelchair: A Choice for Everybody!

The competition on disability chairs, scooters, lifts and vans is getting tougher and tougher. Wheelchair dealers all over the world release different advertisements just to attract the attention of people with disability. This competition has influenced the way dealers serve their clients. It also contributes to the development of wheelchairs that are offered to the market.

Wheelchairs have served its market well in the past. It had delivered support and mobility to handicaps. However, during those times, mobility chairs are mostly manual and were not as powerful as the mobile chairs that we have now.  Because of that, it was still hard for the people who used them to be independent. Thanks to the advancement of technology and tough competition! Wheelchairs are now made powerful and automated.

Currently, you have wider choices. In fact, your budget will determine the kind of wheelchair that you would have. Of course, the classic will always stay in the market. It means, manual wheelchairs will never be a thing of the past, and it will always form part of the mobility chair industry.  As a matter of fact, manual wheelchairs are good alternatives for those people who do not have enough budget to get electric mobile chairs. It can also serve as your temporary mobile while saving for the electric one.

Among the brands of automated mobiles, Invacare electric wheelchair is one of the top choices. Why not? Its top class maneuverability is of great advantage.  It doesn’t matter whether you are right or left handed. Its controls can be easily set to left or right hand drive.

Furthermore, the electric wheelchairs of Invacare are not just for the adults. Even toddlers and kids could benefit from them. Talking about sizes, the choices aren’t just divided between kiddie and adult. Invacare also include the weight of the people in their selection. Because of that, people with heavier weights will no longer have to worry about their mobility.

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