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There is a new release of Apple iPad accessories out today, the iPad keyboard dock. There are basically two (2) types of iPad docks available today, one has a built in keyboard while the other does not; but they mostly their other functions are the same. Picking which one you need is all up to you; they are both pretty amazing. There are a lot of iPad accessories available this is one of those that should come with the iPad.

The standard issue iPad dock is an accessory that comes with a lot of functions. The first one worth mentioning is its capability to charge your iPad by plugging it into a computer or a wall socket. Plug it in then there will be no need to worry about losing batter life. You can keep on working without your iPad suddenly turning off. Another function would be its capability to sync in with computers; this is useful, very useful indeed. An important function worth mentioning would be the sockets that allow you to plug in accessories such as speakers and headsets; this is incredibly exciting for those music lovers or hard core gamers, they can listen to all the sounds and music an iPad can do. This dock also allows you to plug your iPad into a television set giving you the luxury to view pictures or watch videos with style. Another function would be it’s built in stand. This stand gives you the capability to use your iPad with extreme comfort. You can tilt your iPad to be able to stand at nearly 90 degree angles. Greatly useful for those who like to read and surf the net; all this comfort without any necks stiffening. If you chose the iPad keyboard dock you get the luxury of being able type documents and emails with relative ease.

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