Irish Forestry and the Place of Beech Woodlands

There is a place for beechwood plantations in Irish forestry. Although, in many of the possible plantations that we could look at, only a few are going to be suitable for this tree. The most suitable plant to grow on Irish soil, in terms of timber production, is the spruce. This is the same as the UK. The UK and Ireland actually share a lot of historical ties and Irish forestry is very similar to forestry in the UK in terms of solar variability, types of trees that will grow, practices that are used in forestry, and overall methods of plantation.

In terms of the beechwood lands that grow in Ireland and England, the beech tree can actually grow naturally. Natural clearings caused by dead trees are quickly filled by the wind seeded annual herbs or by brambles, usually present in creeping, flowerless, form on the beech wood floor. Seedling beeches, which start everywhere in the dark woods but normally end as crackling twigs, gets a chance to grow up through the plants which fill the gap.

Sometimes they are accompanied by any of yew, Holly, or cherry, seeded by the birds. The evergreens can outgrow easily in the surrounding shade. The cherry can overtake the sapling beaches and reach the 100 foot high canopy to take it share of the sunlight..

At each edge, the beechwood expands over the scrub with the help of jays, pheasants, mice, and squirrels, until it reaches soil too heavy (or more usually, farmland). It will gradually advance through adjacent mixed woodland until, on less favorable soil, it fails to compete. This is the textbook situation and you may test in action anywhere along the Chiltern’s, where a great variety of scrub (identified elsewhere) occupies the more exposed escarpment and woodland of various types beside beach can be found on the plateau and on the slopes. Forestry Ireland is a company that supplies trees to the forestry industry.

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