Italian Silver and Italian Silver Charms

Italian silver is the metal used to make everything from coffee cups to jewelry. It isn’t really a separate kind of silver, but instead, it is reflective of a specific brand that designates it as made in the Italian style.

1. Italian silver is worth a lot since it is not found everywhere and what is out there is of the highest quality. Ever since the 1870s, Italian silver has been prominent in the silver industry. Currently, Italian silver is prevalent all over the world and a lot of women purchase Italian silver charms because they can be customized into a one-of-a-kind bracelet.

2. When Rome was conquered and the Papal State fell in 1870, government officials developed a hallmark that would designate a silver product that had been made in Italy.

3. Sometimes, Italian silver does not actually come from Italy. Silver products cannot be identified as coming from a certain area of Italy, but instead they are identified as being made by a particular person.

4. All Italian silver products are marked with a government seal so they can be identified as true Italian silver. This stamp has two sections. There will be a female’s image combined with a purity symbol which indicated the purity of the silver used to make the piece. This is in number form like an 800, which would be 800/1000 purity.

5. For the most part, Italian silver is found in high-quality silver jewelry. Such pieces include silver charms and charm bracelets, pieces of art, flatware, and sculptures.

6. Two major kinds of silver charm bracelets are available. There are Italian silver charm bracelets and European silver charm and bead bracelets. These two styles are alike in that they allow for all kinds of unique combinations of sterling silver charms or beads. However, the charms are not attacked to the bracelet in the same way.

Italian silver charms snap onto the starter bracelet. European beads and charms are threaded through the bracelet, which is similar to a strand of pearls. On the European bracelets, the charms are attached in a variety of ways. They might be threaded on, or dangled from the bracelet.

Italian silver charm bracelets consist of modular charms that are linked together on a bracelet made of stretchy material. Usually, Italian charm bracelets have about 18 charms on them. The charms all have an image or design on each one.

There are so many charms available that you will have no trouble locating several that reflect your personality. There are initials, love themed charms, sports themed charms, gemstone charms, animal themed charms, patriotic charms, religion themed charms, zodiac charms, and charms imprinted with meaningful words or sayings.

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