Keeping up with Kirkland’s: Kirkland Dog Food Review

Kirkland Dog Food is a multi-component dog food processed by Diamond, and can be bought at any Costco’s store. It caters to dogs of all ages and life stages, and is marketed in six formulas, namely a) the Signature Puppy formula; b) the Signature Small Dog Formula; c) the Signature Adult Dog Formula in Chicken; d) the Signature Adult Dog Formula in Lamb; e) the Signature Mature Dog Formula, and the f) Signature Healthy Weight Formula. Based on most dog food forums and vet experts, Kirkland comes in as a satisfactorily to highly recommendable food alternative. The following are three of the formulas that rate most successfully in the market.

First is the Signature Adult Formula in Chicken. Dogs over one year old can already be applicable for this kibble. The breakdown of this range yields 16% in fat content, and 24% protein. The key components of the signature formula in chicken are as follows: chicken, chicken mean, whole grain brown rice, cracked pearl barley, and chicken fat. Other notable additions comprise of apples, beet pulp, brewer’s yeast, cranberry powder, dried skim milk, fish meal, flax seed (an optimal source of healthy omega-3), kelp, millet, natural flavor, parsley flake, peas, rosemary extract, salt, and vitamin E.

Second is the Signature Adult Formula in Lamb. As with the formula in chicken, this product is also suitable for dogs one year old and above. An analysis of the breakdown of the formula yields slightly lesser units than the first range, with 14% in fat content and 24% in protein. Substituting for the chicken is the lamb component, and it also features additional like rice flour and white rice, dried chicory root, and vitamin B12. Otherwise, the additional ingredients are more or less the same, with apples, beet pulp, brewer’s dried yeast, carrots, cracked pearl barley, dried skim milk, fish meal, kelp, natural flavor, parsley flake, peas, and potatoes.

Third is the Signature Puppy Formula. For puppies post-weaning to less than one year old, this line offers a highly recommended alternative, because of the main ingredients that it features (chicken, rice, and vegetables). Considering the Guaranteed Analysis, the puppy formula is broken down into the following nutrient content: 17% fat, and 28% protein. The main set of ingredients is pretty much like the adult formula in chicken: chicken and chicken meal, whole grain brown rice and cracked pearled barley, and egg product.  As for the other additional ingredients, there is kelp, apples, carrots, beet pulp, chicken fat, flax seed, choline, potassium chloride, dried chicory root, fish meal, peas, potatoes, skim milk, and vitamin D.

The strength of this product line – other than the high regard for consistent nutrient intake of the pets – is its affordability. Indeed, a lot of pet owners that have not researched the product or have not at least checked forums have thought that Kirkland’s (with price rate comparatively lower than the brands of well-known quality dog food in the market) might have compromised the formula in terms of nutrients or the ingredients. However, nothing is farther from the truth. Vets and pet enthusiasts the world over have continuously advertised the benefits of switching to Kirkland’s.

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