Kinect Workout Games Coming Soon

Nintendo hit a gold mine when they announced the Wii Fit balance board for the Wii gaming system.  It took a risk, and it paid off huge, because many people enjoyed the interactive nature of video games when it comes to their fitness endeavors.   The problem was that people had to hold onto to remotes, and they also had to step on the balance board in just the right way.

That is why the newest accessory for the Xbox called Kinect, will be able to take workout video games to the next level.  The Kinect is a camera that will be able to track your movements for the video games, so you don't even need to use a controller.  This will revolutionize video games that are based on fitness.  The Kinect workout games will be like an interactive fitness DVD that gives you real time feedback on how you are doing on your workouts.  Want to know if you are doing a certain exercise properly?  Kinect will be able to see your movements and tell you.

Here are some of the Kinect fitness games coming out:

Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout - Everyone loves Bob and Jillian from the TV show, The Biggest Loser, and now you'll be able to workout with them, even if you don't make it onto the show.  This game will provide a customized fitness plan as well as nutrition help and information.  You will be able to compete in challenges to help mix up your workouts, and you will also be able to step up onto the Biggest Loser scale.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - When you first load up this game, they will do a full body scan to get a feeling of your current fitness level, and also identify the trouble areas that you need to work on.  Then, they will make a customized workout for you that helps you on those area.s  It's not all serious, with tons of fitness based games to help to keep your workouts fun and engaging.

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