Kitchen Island Ideas – A Cheap Way to Upgrade Your Kitchen

There are a lot of upgrades that you can do to your kitchen. You can replace your kitchen cabinets with brand new gleaming cherry or oak models. You could upgrade your conventional oven to a double oven or a 6 burner oven to increase your cooking capacity. You could also replace that old, worn-out linoleum floor with rich, luxurious ceramic tile. But there is one upgrade that you can make to your kitchen that will give you the best bang for the buck. That upgrade is a new kitchen island.

If you’re in the habit of perusing through home magazines, you’ve seen a great assortment of kitchen island ideas for any sized kitchen. If you have a smaller galley-style or L-shaped kitchen, there are smaller islands available for that configuration. For a larger U-shaped kitchen the options are more numerous and more features can also be added to the island. For a smaller-sized kitchen there are mobile kitchen islands called baking centers. These can be moved to any location in the kitchen and provide an additional working surface to roll out dough for a pie crust or pizza. There is also a limited amount of additional storage in a small cabinet and open shelving for baking-related cookware. These portable units also will have additional drawer storage for silverware and other various kitchen utensils. If you have a larger kitchen you could look for either a semicircular or a large rectangular kitchen island with additional features such as an additional sink or another cooktop. In addition to these conveniences is the added storage capacity of another set of cabinets and drawers in a larger kitchen island.

If you’ve had your eyes on replacing an old kitchen table, you should look into kitchen islands with seating. Not only will you be removing an old eye soar of a kitchen table but you’ll be replacing it with a state-of-the-art multi-functional workstation. You may also end up picking up some square footage in your kitchen by replacing the kitchen table with a sleek island with a smaller footprint. One of the clear benefits of a kitchen island is that it will allow you, the passionate home chef, the ability to face anywhere in your kitchen while you are preparing your meals as opposed to having to face your kitchen cabinets using your conventional countertops. The additional working surface will give you a whole new perspective in the kitchen while you are chopping your vegetables or preparing your salad. But the biggest design benefit of adding a new island is that this piece of furniture will add a new focal point to your kitchen. The change in the look of your kitchen will be dramatic.

Incorporating a new island into your favorite room of our house is an excellent investment and a great value. It will completely transform how you work in the kitchen by adding a new working surface, providing additional storage, and ultimately allowing you to be a much more efficient home chef. Once you start using your new island you’ll wonder why you didn’t take the plunge a whole lot sooner!

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