Kitty Clinic: Common Cat Health Problems, Symptoms and Treatments

Although cats never have problems voicing out their concerns – their endearingly demanding nature entirely making sure of it – there may be times when kitty is too sick to even point stuff out.

These are the general signs that something wayward is happening with your feline pet: if ever you notice a sudden and uncalled-for loss of appetite, a lackluster coat, too much scratching, grooming or twitching, lethargy, an unexplained hiding behavior (going to spots that he does not usually venture to), a third eyelid peeking out from the inner corner of the cat’s eyes while awake, a deviation from using the litter box (when he’s never had any difficulties with it before), drooling and drinking excessively, and lack of grooming, after eating or otherwise. Other signs are vomiting and diarrhea, and just about any other behavior that is irregular for your pet – after all YOU are the one who knows your pet best.

These are the most common cat concerns. So cat owners, watch out!


See your kitty scratching her ears with her hind legs a lot? Chances are she’s got the flea infestation. As with any mammal with fur, fleas can present a very big problem – they are parasites feeding on the blood of the host pet, and if left unattended they can lead to bigger problems like anemia, and death (there were known kittens that died because of the flea problem). Shampoos and prescription medicine are available, but always with the discretion of vets.


As it is, the occurrence of diarrhea could be a disease in itself (allergy to dog food or extraneous substances accidentally ingested) or a symptom of a more serious illness. To treat this, be observant of the food stuff that your cat eats, and keep rehydrating him even till the diarrhea blows over. Oh, and do not forget the vet!


Like diarrhea, vomiting may not be a disease in itself. And the range of reasons can be from the least worrisome (hairball, anyone?), to the unfortunately grave. However, if the vomiting case of your cat is very uncommon, chances are it’s just an isolated case.


The most well known kitty issue is perhaps hairballs. Of course, cats groom themselves everyday – and as they do, they inevitably swallow some fur. And sometimes this accumulates into a ball of hair. Oftentimes they just wheeze it out, but for extreme cases, again, bring your cat to your vet for curative measures.


This is another common health concern for cats. The kind of worms cat owners and enthusiasts are concerned about are tapeworms, roundworms, and even hookworms. Your cat may have caught worm infestation if he exhibits these symptoms: vomiting, apparent weight loss, poor and scraggly fur, and appearance of a pot belly. Medication can always rid your pets of these parasites, but if given immediately; they can cause serious health issues.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urethra blockage contributes to cases of urinary tract infections – another ailment recurring among cats, most especially the males.

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