Lab Love: Tips on Finding Labrador Puppies for Sale

Every one who knows dogs loves Labrador retrievers. Labs almost always crop up first choice for those who opt to keep a pet, owing to the dogs' jovial, playful, and people-oriented nature. A lot of dog owners, breeders, and enthusiast have sworn to the joys of keeping a Labrador retriever around. And since labs are always keen to please, it makes the task of training them an easy, enjoyable, even fun-filled one.

For prospective Labrador retriever owners, the first thing that they should do is to reflect long and well with their decision of wanting and keeping a pet. Even though labs are known to be hardy and not fussy, they still need to be taken good care of, and not all known human living conditions could accommodate that (some apartments or condo units may not permit pets). Think about whether there is enough time for them to be taken to walks or exercise, whether one is really capable of taking care of a Labrador, especially a puppy.

If things in that aspect have been taken care of, the next thing is to think about the specifics of the puppy one would want to bring home. For those who just want a lab regardless of color or type then that's well and good; for those who want something more specific, bear in mind that there are two kinds of labs, the calm and stocky English, and the tall and active American. Labs also come in a variety of colors, the most common being yellow, black, and chocolate, and the occasional silver. And remember that though Labradors are very jovial towards people, some are a bit more jovial than the others (when inspecting a litter of lab pups the first one to approach is not necessarily the most friendly; he or she just may be the most excitable of the bunch).

An optional but beneficial third step is to sign oneself in forums for lab pets and puppies. The beauty of forums is one need not participate that often - but with discussions, a person can find a wealth of information, how-to's, and heads-up that one may not chance upon in an ordinary internet site. A lot of breeders can be found in the internet - especially the nearest possible breeder. Take note, the first breeder may not necessarily be the best breeder. Keep options open and browse through several breeders, before deciding.

Before closing the deal though, personally meet with the breeder to discuss and personally see important things and records - for example, how they run their kennels, how they manage the breeding process, whether they specialize in one or two dog breeds only. It is also crucial to be able to view the papers of the breeder, and the papers of the sire and the dame, to see any possible faults or genetic or temperamental quirks that the puppy may have.

Come selection and inspection time, it's important to check the puppy for any illness. Healthy lab pups have a clear set of eyes, soft, even fur, wet muzzle, and reddish gums. With that in mind, you can be sure of the little furry pet you'll be taking home.

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