Laptop Vacuums: To Use The or Not

Cleaning your laptop is a must if you want it to look great, not overheat and perform well. When a laptop is in constant use, it will get a lot of smudges ad hand prints, it will accumulate dust and dirt and it will start to smell like whatever is in your hands. It will no longer look like the brand new pink laptops on display in stores. Cleaning is something you need to do regularly. You can clean your laptop with a clean, lint-free cloth which is moistened with a little alcohol; however, it would be quite difficult to clean ports and crevices with this.

This is where the debate about computer vacuums start. A lot of experts do not recommend the use of vacuums because they can be harmful to your computer. A vacuum can be used on furniture and other things but never on a computer. If you use a vacuum you run the risk of touching sensitive components in the laptop and getting static discharge, as well. It seems that you will be doing more damage and you will not be helping your laptop at all.

There is a wide variety of USB powered small vacuums sold today but are they really any good? Numerous users have judged them useless. They do not really remove any dirt at all. It is true that they are small but they are not powerful enough to remove and suck out the dust from your laptop. It seems that all they can do is to suck the money from customers.

Experts recommend using a compressor instead. They are also cheap and they really work. Compressed air alone will not be able to remove all dust and particles in your laptop. However, there is still a big chance that people may misuse a compressor and a can of compressed air. It is a must to read about them first and follow instructions.

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