Leadership Games – Easy Ways to Improve Leadership Skills

The Qualities of a Leader

Some people think that a leader has a natural affinity toward leadership or was just born to lead. While some people are experts when it comes to knowledge, it does not necessarily mean they are leaders. Leaders exhibit certain qualities, marked by a behavior that illustrate truthfulness, competency, fair-mindedness, bravery, objectivity, decisiveness, persuasiveness, and, yes, humility.

Using Leadership Games to Improve Leadership Skills

Leadership games for kids or students can effectively help young people develop the aforementioned qualities. Games of this type are also helpful activities for adults to learn as well. Leadership, ironically, is not so much about leading but more about serving. Therefore, leadership games develop leadership skills that teach the participants to formulate goals, develop teams, and offer inspiration to those participating in a project. Leadership games for students emphasize the importance of being aware of your weaknesses and strengths so you can prioritize tasks and create milestones that assist in meeting your goals and objectives.

Game #1 - Working toward a Common Goal

One of the common leadership games that is used in leadership skills training is one that teaches survival skills. In this skills test, each group is provided with a scenario where learning methods of survival is indicated, such as a plane crash. In turn, group members choose ten items they believe are needed in order to survive. The leader of the group must show decisiveness and make sure that all the members of the group are working together to pull through the crisis. If they disagree with the choices, then he must work at making sure that the objective is still reached.

Game #2 - Thinking about the Future

One of the really fun leadership games to play and a positive, easy way to learn leadership skills is the “Come as You Will Be” game which can be used for party planning. All the participants in this leadership game are invited to attend a party where they act, dress, and look like they want to appear in five years. This sort of leadership game is definitely a good way to create a mindset towards success. By enacting this type of activity, participants learn to develop a belief in themselves which gives them the motivation to successfully reach future goals.

Improve Leadership by Studying Other Strong Leaders

If you want to be a good leader too, it is important to look at the leaders that you admire. What qualities do they possess that make you look up to them? Are there some traits they have that you would like to see in yourself? Examining yourself and looking at the leadership attributes of those you admire are also easy ways to develop leadership skills and the characteristics that will help you realize your future goals and dreams.

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