Letterman Jacket Designs

Do you want to look stylish, trendy and hot? If so, a letterman jacket is ideal and perfect for you. It is basically a heavier, winter style coat. You can usually find this type of jacket on high school campuses particularly in the United States. It primarily features a number of school sports letters sewn to its front. What are these sports letters? If a student- athlete participating in a certain sport successfully completes the season, he is given the “letter” he earned. Such letter serves as a reward given by coaches and athletic directors.

Letter jackets come in various styles. Hence, they typically feature a few common things. These things in common include leather or imitation leather covering over the arm areas. You can also notice that most of these jackets have at its top and bottom stripes embellishments that bear school colors. It is with profound pride for a student-athlete to bring honor to the name of the school and that is why school names or nicknames appear somewhere on the jacket.  These names serve as a recognition as to what school an athlete belongs.

Additionally, freshmen student athletes in the secondary level of education are rewarded with “numbers” to signify their being part of a team. Their year of graduation is denoted by these “numbers”. For instance, if a student-athlete is graduating in the year 2006, he will receive a “06” 2-digit number. On the other hand, a second year student athlete in high school usually earns a “minor” letter. What basically does it mean? A minor letter is one that is smaller than that of a varsity athlete. In addition, a varsity athlete is the one who receives the “major” letter. Each and every year, a student- athlete involved in a sport each year can have an additional letter on his jacket. Therefore, the more sports he participates in, the more school letters dominate the front part of the jacket. Letters or entire jacket itself is even rewarded by colleges and universities.

In fact, you can create your own letterman jacket. In designing this jacket, there are several important points that you need to take into account. First thing is the material to be used. You must choose which one you want your jacket to be made of. You can choose among synthetic, woolen and cotton. However, cotton is the most preferable because it can be worn in any season. You must also make a wise choice as to whether you design it as a closed neck type or an open neck one with a zip running all the way to the waist. If you want, such zip can also go down to half of the jacket. An important consideration for making this choice is the climate of your place. Choose one which is appropriate for the climate you usually experience.

Sleeves play a vital role in the total design of a letterman jacket. There are only two basic types of it to choose from, one with a set of stripes on it and another without stripes. One of the most important to consider in designing is the color and logo of your school or university. It must be a highlight on the jacket to add emotion to integration among your team mates or batch mates in the school. It will absolutely feel like being clothed with the spirit of your school or Alma Mater.


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