Luminess Air Review: A Look At The Air Brush System

luminess airLuminess is a complete air brush system that allows the flawless application of make-up finish to the face down to every inch of the legs. Unlike traditional sponge or brush application systems, the Luminess permits both blending and feathering of the waterbased foundation for a super natural, dewy look that one can get from professional styling. From the maker of Luminess Tan, the Luminess Air is one of the latest additions to the Luminess LP line of products giving women worldwide a more natural way of enhancing the natural beauty of their skin. The Luminess Air comes with a one-touch air source, the super light stylus brush, and a clutch bag with a generous compartment for your touch-up basics.

What Makes Luminess Air Truly Unique?

- One-touch air source

The Luminess Air uses a powerful and compressed air source that works smoothly and quietly. Discharging the air through the air outlet, the compressed air allows for a generous but an even application of the waterbased foundation that comes with the Luminess Air. The uniqueness of the miniaturized unit is one of the reasons why most experts prefer bringing the Luminess Air in field shoots. Approximately 100 mm in size, the compact unit uses a low-PSI compressor to deliver a suitable amount of air pressure to give that delicate and natural-looking result. The Luminess Air system is perfect for self-application, as the air compressor only allows a delicate and low pressure output, giving the desired flexibility and control when the stylus is held near the area where the foundation is applied.

- Stylus air brush spray

Experts just love the Luminess Air because of its innovative design. The stylus brush features an atomized spray, which has a relaxing effect on the user when the foundation is applied directly to the face. The atomized spray is also the key to the flawless, dewy, and almost undetectable make-up foundation.

Another feature that women love about Luminess Air is the variable throttle. A small add-on to the needle, the variable throttle is essentially added to the stylus to adjust and control the amount of the foundation that is aspirated directly to the stylus. The variable throttle essentially delivers a light or heavier foundation, as desired. But what makes the variable throttle a must to any stylus brush? The relative position of this small device with the needle allows a precise control of the foundation, giving the user the flexibility to determine how light or heavy the make-up will appear.

Benefits Of Luminess Air

- Natural-looking result

As compared to liquid foundation, the Luminess Air comes with a 4-shade waterbased foundation that is perfect both for day and night wear. Mineral powder tends to dry the skin while liquid foundations often result to a caked-on look; the waterbased formula that comes with the Luminess air brush system, when applied correctly, gives a dewy and natural-looking effect that traditional applicators like sponge and brush can’t give.

- Long-lasting result

Unlike pressed powders, mineral foundations, and even liquid foundations, the Luminess air brush system requires little to no touch-up. The waterbased foundation lasts longer than mineral makeup and even the best of waterbased foundations. Plus, the long-lasting formula doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and won’t clog your pores.

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