Making Memories with Charms

For anyone on the look- out for the perfect, meaningful gift or just to up the style quotient- charms show you the way. These decorative pendants or trinkets were believed to have been worn as an amulet against the evil spirits. It has become more of a fashion statement however, these trinkets offer a simplistic style that can be made to suit almost any persons taste.

Charms can be incorporated anywhere from bracelets and necklaces to earring and mobile phone accessories. The choice is endless. There are three kinds of charms that can be found
Traditional drop charms- these can be attached to a link bracelet
Bead charms- these can be put onto a slide bracelet
Italian charms- square picture links that are made to slide next to each other
Mostly made of silver, stainless steel, white gold or other such metals, these charm bracelets can be found almost in any jewelry website or store.

When it comes to purchasing a charm, remember that there is a charm for practically any budget. For a beginner- Choose between gold and silver when you begin collecting instead of going all out crazy. This gives consistency to your collection. Also, try collecting in particular category- flowers, animals, sports- as you feel best expresses you. Maintaining an account of who gave you what charm for which occasion, makes the charms all the more special.

While purchasing silver charms make sure to keep in mind international standards for silver. Fine silver means pure silver while sterling silver contains 92.5 silver mixed with 7.5 other metals. Names like German silver, Tibetan silver and silver plated chars contain little to no silver in its composition. In the case of stainless steel charms, they must be coated with epoxy lest the color rubs off.

Italian charms are another variety which requires you to tread carefully. These are mostly made of 18k gold. When buying this type of charm ensure that you are buying 18k gold and not gold- tone Italian charms. In addition, look out for ones marked with a brand name or logo as this guarantees a higher quality.

Available in as many shapes, designs, logos and kinds as the imagination allows, the world of charms has grown manifold since its roots in the Neolithic era. From high end designer charms like those of Prada, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany to ones for those on a budget like the ones available at and the the world of charms is now slave of your whim.

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