Malaseb Shampoo Review

Malaseb shampoo is a formula manufactured by DVM Pharmaceuticals, used primarily to treat cases of dermatitis in dogs, horses, and cats. Its surfactant base strips the affected lipids while leaving the coat intact. Malaseb is guaranteed to be fragrance-free and dye-free, to make sure that the skin conditions would not worsen. Miconazole nitrate and chlorhexidine gluconate (both in 2%) are the primary ingredients of this product: the first actively works against yeast and fungi, and the second is an antimicrobial agent working against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Chlorhexidine also cleans and soothes the affected zones. These two ingredients are also present in other products in their line: ointments, towelettes, a concentrated rinse, and sprays – all made by DVM Pharmaceuticals.

The chemicals present in the shampoo act to eliminate scales, excess microbe-inducing grease or oil, and eradicate microorganisms that exist in the cutaneous levels – all of which are factors to dermatitis. Experts have also found Malaseb to control Seborrheic dermatitis in conjunction with Malassezia pachydermatities, and Staph intermedius. It aids treatment against psoriasis, and “sweet itch”, a condition existing in horses.

Furthermore, Malaseb inhibits the occurrence and possible transfer of ringworm between and among animals. The following are directions for product usage: before taking the animal to the bath, a sponge is also prepared. And before the application of the product, the pet has to be thoroughly wet with clean water. Lather the shampoo, then spread it over at several points; then, rub the foam into the coat. Using the sponge, make sure that the shampoo is lathered well and has seeped into the layers of the pet’s coat. Guarantee that the shampoo has reached the lips, the entire tail area and its underside, and the toes area, since they may house organisms that could aggravate the dermatitis. Let the foam stay for ten minutes, taking care not to get the shampoo in the eyes, nose, or mouth of both the pet and the owner. Then, rinse the lather off completely with clean water.

The bathing process should be repeated twice per week – or as per prescription by the veterinarian – till the symptoms have gone. Several notes of caution though: since residual bacterial fungi or bacteria are involved, the owner should take great care in washing his/her hands. Infected hands can transfer the microorganisms to clean animals. For greater precautionary measures, vets have advised the owners to wear rubber gloves while bathing the pet, as extended contact with the product will irritate the skin. This is for topical use only.

Malaseb has no known contraindications where dogs or cats are concerned. According to the manufacturer, there may be selective cases where some dogs, cats, or horses may manifest sensitivity to the product, especially when it comes in contact with their eyes or mucus membranes. If such occurs, then the vet has to be consulted right away. It may also alter the effectiveness of some top spot flea medication. However, of late, the FDA has ordered the DVM Pharmaceuticals to close down, and any of their products are discontinued indefinitely. For pet owners that may be looking for satisfactory and effective substitutes, they may look up Mal-A-Ket in the market.

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