Managing the Manager – A Guide to Parents About Kids Anger Management

Angry kids can be quite a handful. They can seriously put your parenting skills to test. As kids, they know little about managing their anger. Thus, it falls to you as their parent to do the managing for them. Hence, you should be knowledgeable more than anyone else. If you are doubting your abilities regarding the effectiveness of your current anger management activities for children, read on to get some tips on how to manage yourself before managing your children’s tempers.

  • Practice what you preach. Teach your kid how to manage his anger by managing your own. Your credibility as a parent will suffer if your kid can see you getting angry without warning. Be a role model to him.
  • Be a warm and loving presence. If your kid sees you as someone who cares, he won’t have be shy or afraid to show you his feelings. Knowing he can vent on you will help alleviate his emotional stress.
  • Be nice and soft-spoken. Do not yell at your kid whenever he is throwing tantrums. Talk to him softly. If he sees you do this, he will realize that things can be resolved without getting angry.
  • Be watchful. Always tell your kid that it is ok to be angry, but violence is not tolerable. This will prevent him from channeling his anger into violent means.
  • Be fun. Engage your kid on healthy distractions to keep their mind off this negative emotion. Playing games is a form of release and soon enough, your kid will realize that it is better to laugh than to have an outburst.
  • Be reachable. This holds true especially for teen anger management. If your teenage kid sees you as someone who is distant and uncaring, sulking and rebelling is his way of getting your attention. On the contrary, if you are open and willing to listen, then he will see no reason to turn his rage on everytime he wants something to discuss with you.
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