Meditation: A Miraculous Practice to Achieve Anxiety Relief and Inner Peace

There are many forms meditation developed over years under different spiritual traditions. Following forms of meditations have proved to be very beneficial for those suffering from different forms of anxiety disorders.

Mindfulness Meditation: This form of meditation is Buddha’s gift to the world. Most famous mindfulness meditation is Vipassana meditation. It involves focusing completely on movement of breathe coming in and going out. Being aware of minutest movement of air and how it feels, diverts your attention from worrisome thoughts. It aims at being fully present in the moment. The ‘Now’ moment has power to dissolve negative experiences of past and fear of future.

One can choose any other object to focus upon, though breathing is always available. One can choose to be mindful while taking walk and watching every step as closely as possible. If thoughts take over, accept them and start again.

In case of panic attack triggers, practicing mindfulness of every bodily sensation, thoughts and emotions help to dilute its effect immediately.

Mantra Meditation: This type of meditation involves repeating certain phrase or mantra (aloud or mentally) over and over again. The idea behind focusing on a mantra is to completely occupy mind with sound of mantra so it can be freed from mental noise and negative emotions. The most famous mantra sounds are ‘AUM’ and ‘SOHUM’. These are not any random sounds or gibberish. They are scientifically based on sound’s healing effects on mind and body.

Zazen: It is a Zen form of meditation. It is practiced by sitting in a relaxed position of breathing very slowly. Slowing down outer activities, result into inner silence. The famous quote of Zen explains it all ‘Sit and grass grows by itself’. It is very effective meditation for achieving inner peace and overcoming panic attacks, stress and anxiety.

To know more about meditation, how to practice meditation, and different techniques refer this guide on Meditation for beginners.

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