Mighty Beanz Games Straight From the Official Website

If you are into your Mighty Beanz toys then you may be running out of things to do with them. Sure, they look good when in a collectors case and you can trade them and roll them down slopes, but what else can you do with them?

Well, if you have ever visited the official Mighty beanz website then you will find two documents that are in pdf format, and each of these contain 4 games to play with the Beanz. Here are the top 2 games from that list:

Bomber Beanz – Nice and simple, this game entails taking one single Mighty Bean and taking turn to try and hit your opponents Mighty Bean, which is placed on the ground. The winner is the player that hits the opposing player first. To play this game, stand about 4 feet away from each other and sit down. Toss a coin to find out what player starts first. This game is more difficult than it sounds since the magnetic ball inside each bean makes it hard to judge the toss.

Bean Bowling – Take three Beanz and place them in a skittle formation about 4 feet away from all the players. Each player takes turns to try to bowl over the beans. For each bean knocked over you get a single point, but you get a total of 5 for a strike! Try starting out playing the games with 3 beans as skittle to start and then ramp it up to 5 beanz once you get a feel for it.

Both of these games can be played with the licensed bean series as well, such as with the Marvel Mighty Beanz as well as the Star Wars Mighty Beanz. There are plenty more bean games available on the official website, so take a look today – who knew you could do so much with your bean characters!

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