Military and Custom Challenge Coins

One of the fastest growing hobbies in America is that of military challenge coin collecting and other custom challenge coins. The ability to collect hundreds if not thousands of designs of different military theme coins has real appeal to those that like to mix history with their hobbies. Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy challenge coins are known the world over for their great portrayal of the legendary men and machines that have changed the world's power structure and suppressed tyranny. Today, these iconic symbols of freedom make handsome collectibles that are fun to display with other militaria or just on their own.

Custom challenge coins including the military coins offer anything that a person can imagine. Beyond the armed forces these tokens have branched out into all areas of civilian life. Corporations, sports teams, fraternal organizations, amusement parks, police and firefighters and even individuals have all taken advantage of the marketing power of challenge coins.

The affordability of these coins to manufacture makes them popular ways to reward employees or customers and clever designs ensure they will be kept and circulated. There is so much to learn about the many types of custom coins that it will never become a boring hobby.

Fun for all ages, custom challenge coins and military challenge coins can be found at swap meets, yard sales, coins shops, large trade shows and even at gas stations and convenience stores. The prices range from well under a dollar to thousands of dollars for coins crafted from gold or other precious metals. They are easy to display in standard coin holders or in handsome wooden cabinets with glass fronts.  A large display of challenge coins is a real eye catcher and is bound to be a conversation starter for anyone that appreciates coins and history. This is a fun hobby and you can start collecting today!

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