Nicaragua’s A Great Place For Investing In Real Estate

Over 1 million visitors vacationed in Nicaragua in 2010, according to official tourism statistics. That’s more than in any previous year. Most of them enjoyed the tourist attractions, but a large number visited to explore property investing opportunities. Lonely Planet also rated Nicaragua as one of the top destinations to visit in 2011. So why is Nicaragua capturing so much attention?

Nicaragua is a great place to search for a second home, thanks to cheap real estate prices. During the recent global financial crisis, the Nicaraguan real estate market slowed down considerably, as did a number of markets in other countries in the region, creating fantastic property bargains. As we emerge from the downturn, there are large inventories available, deep discounts, and motivated sellers. Compared to real estate for sale in Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica, Nicaragua has the cheapest properties available.  This is based on asking price data in real estate developments independently collated by Reveal Real Estate the online international listing site.

One great thing about Nicaragua is it’s incredible natural beauty. There are towering cliffs and grassy, rolling hills that meet quiet, secluded white sand beaches. The country boasts world class surf breaks, plenty of clear freshwater lakes, and even a volcano you can ski down. Don’t forget the beautiful colonial towns of Granada and Leon, which have coherent architectural centers with great examples of the traditional Spanish colonial style.

Not only are real estate prices cheap, but Nicaragua offers a low cost of living, which is important for retirees and investors alike. You’ll be able to eat out regularly if you desire, and hiring a full-time maid or gardener will only cost you around $150 a month. Property taxes are also much cheaper than they are in either the US or Canada.

So maybe it’s time to hop on a plane to check out Nicaragua for yourself.

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