Nuheart Pills: Heartworm Treatment for Dogs

There is a new generic drug today that is becoming more and more popular. These are the Nuheart heartworm pills. Just like any other heartworm treatment, this drug should be given once a month, continuously throughout the entire year. It is often referred to as the generic version of the Heartgard Plus. You can say it that way since both Nuheart and Heartgard use ivermectin as its active ingredients. The amount of ivermectin placed on each of these drugs is exactly the same. This just means that even though Nuheart is a generic drug, it still works as effective as the Heartgard. And yet you can buy it for half the price of the mentioned branded heartworm tablet.

The Nuheart pills without prescription can be bought for just a cheap price online. But the price is not the only thing that people love about the drug. It has a three-way delivery system that enables the pet owners to administer the drug with ease. The tablets are pretty small, thus, reducing the risk of rejection on the part of the animal since they can barely notice it when mixed with dog food and treats. But each tablet also comes with a new meaty and delicious flavor that dogs really love. The flavor is somewhat irresistible to our canine friends. Aside from that, you can easily give a dose to dogs since the pill can also be dissolved in water. Nuheart is one of the few, rare drugs that are soluble. What more can you ask for?

Before buying a pack of Nuheart, you should check first with a veterinarian which pack is suitable for your dog. The Nuheart comes in three different packages which are categorized according to the dog’s weight. The Blue pack is for dogs weighing from 26-50 lbs, the Green pack is for those weighing from 51-100 lbs and the Red pack is suitable for dogs weighing more than 100 lbs.

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