Oklahoma City Pest Control Professionals Guide to Non Pesticide Pest Control Options

A lot of people are not comfortable with the idea of using poison to get rid of their infestation problems. This is not because they don’t want their pests to get hurt or anything, but because poison is a non discriminating course of action, which means it does not just affect the creepy crawlies, but you and your household as well. Especially if you have pets and small children, this can be a huge factor. This is why a lot of professionals like Oklahoma City pest control technicians have started educating their clients on other methods in getting rid of pets without having to use pesticide.

One way you can employ is to control moisture in your home. Take note that most pets thrive on dark, moist places, so you want to make sure they don’t find any place in your home habitable. Things you can do to ensure your home stays as dry as possible is to put vents on crawlspaces, repair anything that leaks – especially the roof, and regularly clean the gutter and sprouts. Another non-pesticide suggestion most professionals like St. Paul pest control technicians suggest is cleanliness. Don’t have food lying around, seal leftovers in sealed containers, and regularly vacuum.

Using mechanical pest control is also an effective method and one that has been also used extensively by Oklahoma City pest control professionals, among others. These mechanical controls come in the form of traps. You can use the snap ones for mice and rats, sticky ones for spiders and such, and light ones for flies and other winged pests. There are also other mechanical options for other kinds of pests and the use of one or more is more than enough to control the population of pests in your home, if not completely eradicate them. Research and willingness is key.

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