Top 5 Online Truck Games for Kids

There are a number of truck games for kids of all ages on the Internet. Truck games free online selections range from racing and parking to learning how to drive a truck at a virtual truck driving school. As a result, choices abound so you can log into one of a number of portals to discover your favorite game.

1. Ice Road Trucker 2

One of the favorite truck games is Ice Road Trucker, Series Two. In this game, truckers face a series of hazards as they move their monster truck across the icy Arctic. They will not only deal with the dangers of driving over the ice but also have to overcome threats from polar bears. Gamers can select from five Arctic routes.

Truckers must make sure then that they have enough gas, that they repair any damage to their trucks, and that they don’t run out of any spending money. In game play, truckers use the up arrow to accelerate, make use of the down arrow for braking, use the left and right arrows for steering, and hit the space key when they want to sound the horn. For an Arctic trucking adventure, this is the game to choose.

2. Strongest Truck

Another favorite online truck game is called “Strongest Truck.” The idea of this online truck game is to transport cargo from one place to the next without losing any of your load.

You will be driving the truck on an exciting 3D-type course. Using the arrow keys to direct the semi to the end of the course, you’ll need to employ leverage, precision, and power as you drive with your precarious load.

3. Truckster

Another well-liked game is the game of “Truckster.” “Truckster” is a game of challenge. Therefore, your mission as a trucker is to deliver construction materials to the right location and keep within a schedule, all the while being careful not to lose many items from your truck’s trailer.

As you’ll be riding over rocky terrain, indeed, the game presents you with somewhat of an obstacle course. You will use the arrow keys on your computer to manage the direction the truck is headed and hit the space key to link or disconnect to the trolley of the truck. This 18-wheeler flash game will, no doubt, test and hone your skills as a virtual trucker.

4. Big Rig Driving School

Yet, another truck game for kids, young or old, is “Big Rig - Driving School.”  In “Big Rig – Driving School,” players prove their skill in maneuvering an 18-wheeler. Players show their ability then by attempting to pass ten big rig driving tests. The winner, in turn, will receive a Big Rig driver’s license. You have to be careful in this game though as the cones can cause damage to your vehicle. Plus, if you get too much damage, you will fail to pass. Use the “up” arrow to go forward and the “down” arrow to go backwards.

5. Truck Parking Game

Another skill-testing game is the “Truck Parking Game.” In this game, you will test your acumen in parking a truck into an assigned parking space in an allotted amount of time. The arrow keys are used to move your truck forward and backward. The space key is used to sound the horn.

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