Optical Express Laser Surgery Review

Optical Express is the leading laser eye surgery provider in Europe. Greater number of people prefer the clinic for laser eye surgery over any other clinics because it never fails to deliver excellent outcome with the use of sophisticated technology at best prices. You may not be so sure about your decision regarding your eye treatment. The following is the Optical Express laser eye surgery review to guide you in your decision.

Your eyes are as unique as you are. Hence, a thorough eye assessment is performed in a free consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for any eye laser surgery. The procedure aims to treat common eye problems such as myopia or near sightedness, hyperopia or far sightedness, and astigmatism. Only experienced and advanced optometrists will conduct a complete eye examination during the free consultation. Plus, a number of tests, which are usually not performed in a typical eye check up, will be conducted using only the best and the latest equipment to determine your suitability for the eye procedure.

Optical Express has invested millions in sophisticated technology and has employed 2500 skilled staff in its more than 230 clinics. It guarantees quality care before and after the procedure. Furthermore, you will be confident the moment you find out that Optical Express only has the best and most competent eye surgeons as they have records showing their expertise in the area of eye laser surgery. They are all certified members of the General Medical Council (GMC) and registered as Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS). Optical Express clinics have been fully credited by Care Quality Commission, a governing body that protects people from substandard health care services. It is also a member of the Eye Laser Association that ensures safe and quality practice in eye laser surgeries.

The machines and tools are exclusively incorporated with the latest innovations in the field of laser eye surgery. For this reason, you are guaranteed with complete quality care: from consultation to post-operative care. Optical Express makes use of VISX S4IR, which has been utilized in the USA and is proven to deliver accurate and safe results. VISX lasers are the latest lasers used in laser eye surgeries. These function by producing a soft beam laser that changes the shape of the cornea. Plus, with this device, much less tissue is removed from the cornea unlike other lasers. Moreover, Optical express has latest eye tracking technology to ensure the most excellent standard of vision for all patients after the surgery. A 3D eye tracker is used to guide the laser beam as it goes through the cornea, making sure that only the area of the defective cornea is being reshaped. It also follows the eye movement, hence the laser remains on track, resulting in accurate and safe procedure. Optical Express continuously utilizes the most advanced technology and the most reliable resources in eye surgeries and employs only renowned eye laser surgeons worldwide. This is why it remains the number one in the industry of laser eye surgery.

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