Organizing Solutions for your Home Office

Telecommuting, or working from home, has definitely flourished in recent years with the advent of technology that lends itself to this type of working environment. But even if we are working at home, it certainly helps to furnish a home office smartly and effectively so that we can be productive. We certainly have a lot of options as far as the availability of tools that can help us to be organized. Beating the nemesis called “clutter” is one big step in the right direction on the road to organizational bliss.

Home offices can come in many different styles and forms. Some people may pick a corner in the kitchen and put a desk there and call it their home office. Others convert a second bedroom into a high-end, fully-furnished, office with a modern computer desk that is made for technology. One solution to keep the clutter off of your desk is to purchase a flat panel display for your computer monitor. These are very thin and stylish monitors with a small footprint in comparison to the old desk hogs that were the computer monitors of the past. This leaves a lot more room on the desktop for work material. Another space-saver is the under-the-desk keyboard tray. When you need your keyboard it is there for you. When you don’t it is neatly tucked away beneath your desktop. If you have a CPU tower, which is the body of the PC, there is a contraption called an underdesk hanger. This is a device which allows you to suspend your PC tower underneath your desk, or a table adjacent to your desk, and above the ground. This solves two problems. It keeps your tower out of the way and safe, and it allows you to clean the floor underneath the tower since it is suspended above the floor.

Some people who work from home look to save a few bucks by furnishing their home office with modular home office furniture. The advantage to this type of furniture is that it is reasonably-priced and you can organize the various pieces efficiently for how you work. One item which will help you reduce desktop clutter is called a magazine case or magazine holder. These are units that allow you to store any trade journals, catalogs, or reference material. They come in plastic or clear acrylic so that you have ease of visibility as to the contents without having to open them up. The advantage to these units is that they keep your reference information off of your desktop in a centralized location. Another organizing solution for the home office is called a mail organizer. Even in this day and age we receive snail mail and it typically gets thrown on the desk or stacked in a pile. These organizers have slots for at least one day for every month into which you can place that day’s mail. It will help you attend to any urgent mail and will keep your mail off of your desk.

Organizing your home office is a task that should be attended to seriously. If you incorporate some key organizing solutions into your home office environment, you just might find that you will end up being happier, more efficient, and much more productive!

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