Should You Hire An Ostrich Feather Centerpiece for Your Wedding?

Ostrich Feathers – Fabulous in Centerpieces for Weddings

Feathers are fabulous. And plumes are precious when you incorporate them in a centerpiece for your wedding. In particular, ostrich feather centerpieces are exceptionally pretty and lend an accent that is as unexpected as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Hire Ostrich Centerpieces for your Wedding or Make Them Yourself

While you may think of including ostrich feathers in the manufacture of boas, apparel, and feather dusters, they also make great centerpieces too. Lending an exotic yet elegant touch to special occasions and parties, ostrich feather centerpieces underscore the lavishness of an event such as a wedding reception, anniversary, or dinner party. You can either hire centerpieces for your wedding, or you can cut costs and make ostrich feather centerpieces yourself.

Handle the Plumes with Care

Plumes can easily be inserted in a holder for bouquets. You just have to be careful about doing so as the feathers are somewhat fragile and therefore can break. Make sure, when making your ostrich feather bouquet too, that you have the feathers pointed in an upward direction. Once you have your ostrich bouquet assembled, you will want to ever so gently place the bouquet holder in a large vase. You might also want to think about buying a large, clear glass vase so you can add marbles for effect. Or, accent the plumes with small rose lights for added appeal as well.

A Wide Selection of Colors

Whether you choose to hire an ostrich centerpiece or elect to make a centerpiece yourself, you can find ostrich feathers in a variety of hues and tints. Therefore, you can incorporate the feathers in a number of color schemes. Feathers are available in blue, burgundy, turquoise, purple, peach, mint, forest green, emerald green, navy, yellow, fuchsia, orange, gray, cream, red, gold, and magenta. Or, you may just want to choose white – an especially popular choice among brides and bridegrooms.

Obtaining the Feathers does not Hurt the Bird

Fortunately, securing feathers from ostriches does not damage the birds. Feathers are gathered during the time when the bird is molting or shedding his feathers, so the bird does not experience any pain when the feathers are retrieved.

Ostrich Feather Drabs

In ostrich centerpieces, the plumes of the bird are usually used instead of ostrich feather drabs, which are sometimes employed to replace ostrich plumes. While drabs may closely resemble the bird’s plumes, the quills and fibers of drabs are less expansive. In addition, drabs are usually about fifteen inches in length and the tips do not have the same tendency to droop like plume feathers do.

Ostrich Feather Plumes

Plumes, on the other hand, which are the best choices for ostrich feather centerpieces, are broad and full. Quills are thick and the feathers’ tips are notably droopy. The feathers are generally about two feet long. Obviously, to add to the lavishness of your wedding centerpiece, it is far better to choose plumes over drabs.

One Final Note

Caveat emptor: Now that you know the difference between drab feathers and plumes, beware of any company online that tries to sell or rent you an ostrich centerpiece that is made up of drabs. Always make sure that your centerpiece is composed of plumes when placing an order.

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