Ovulation Calendar

My husband and I used my ovulation calendar that I found online to conceive our baby boy on my birthday of all days. We had been trying for a baby for about three months and were not having any luck at all. I was getting very frustrated and sad that it was not happening for us. All of my friends just did not seem to understand for they were able to easily get pregnant and the only advice they gave me was to just “relax and forget about it and it will happen” which definitely did not help at all. So finally I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did a ton of research online – literally spent hours in front of my computer and reading magazines about fertility. I even went to an acupuncturist to try to help my ovulatory functions each month.

Finally I found the fertility calculator online and that was where it all started. I typed in the date of the first day of my last menstrual period and it automatically told me the days of the upcoming weeks during which I might expect to be ovulating. It even went so far as to show me which would be the best days for having intercourse in order to maximize the chance of falling pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. All this time I was guessing at which were the best days each cycle and I was so incredibly off on my estimations. At last I had some solid information to go by and I could show my husband so that we could both work together. He surprised me for my birthday with a three day, four night get-away to New York City and booked it during the peak days of my fertility that month. The following month I felt the early signs of pregnancy!

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