Patio Cover – The Three Main Types

You may choose to cover your patio in a variety of ways. How you plan on using your patio or deck space is the key determinant. Some designs are very aesthetically pleasing, while others are strictly practical by design. The number of materials that you can use for the roof or cover of your patio is about as vast as you can use for your home. The point is, you can expand your ideas to include more than just wood choices.

A patio is a great addition to your home, so when choosing a patio cover, you need to devote some good thought on it. There are all the different styles available, from metal roofs to a traditional pergola.

The pergola adds a classic touch to your patio. You can either install Roman-style columns or simple wood columns. For the roof, deciduous vines look elegant and allow for more light to sift through during fall and winter months. However, for more secure roofing, you can go for PVC roofing.

If looking for budget options, sails can work best for you. Good breathable sail materials allow UV protection and help in reducing temperature. You can either attach the sails from wall or fix them to posts.

However, if you live in a climate where you need stronger proofing, always go for a metal patio roof. The sandwich panels where foam is sandwiched between 2 layers of metals are ideal for metal patio roofs. If this particular style doesn’t sound aesthetically pleasing, there are other metal choices, too. In fact, you can use aluminum, standing seam steel and even copper roofs for a patio. Because of their smaller size, you can achieve a more custom look with a bit of a budget splurge.

Thus you can see that you can choose from a variety of options when looking to add a patio cover. Installing them is easy, too. With a bit of a relevant knowledge, you can install the cover yourself.

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