Pedometers vs GPS: Which One is Better?

Of the many running watches in the world, the better ones and definitely must haves on your collection is a pedometer watch. Don’t be fooled by many who claim GPS is the new thing today; on the contrary, with the advent of GPS watches, the pedometer watch has proven itself to be a valuable runner’s ally without the frills that come and go with the GPS watch.

To be fair, the GPS watch brings with it uncanny accuracy when tracking distance and pace. In that regard, it is king of the running watches. However, there are several shortcomings that have to be closely evaluated and looked at before purchasing a GPS watch.

For example, if one plans to run trails more than in the city, there’s a very decent chance that the backwoods will not always cater for a GPS signal. GOS watches are reliant on constant communication with at least three satellites. Losing this signal reduces your watch to nothing more than a timekeeper, unable to keep track of how far you’ve been running, and how fast.

A pedometer watch on the other hand does not have this issue. Run for as far as you can, for as long as you and your pedometer watch will continue to keep track of your distance and pace data, albeit less accurately than a GPS watch and more dependent on how well you calibrated the watch. Still, out of all running watches, the pedometer watch offers the greatest reliability in being able to track and measure data regardless of the conditions.

Out of this rises another consideration that tilts the favor in the corner of the pedometer watch. Running watches are investments, but only if they provide value and deliver as promised. The costs of GPS watches make them a prohibitive purchase; up to and even greater than $400 in some cases. With that amount, you can buy 6 Timex Ironman Sleek-150 watches, the best pedometer watch of its class currently out. That stark contrast in terms of cost actually makes you question whether you really need GPS watches in the first place.

With all that consideration, consider out of the many running watches to choose from which one is the best for you. A pedometer watch will almost always deliver. I suggest you trust your foot to “do all the talking.”

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