6 Personalized Romantic Gift Ideas

Probably one of the best ways to show that you are devoted to the one you love is to present them with romantic gifts that are personalized. Whether they are engraved with a message or embroidered with a monogram, personalized romantic gifts are keepsakes that the one you love will cherish throughout the years.

1 . Personalized Prints

One of the thoughtful romantic gifts that will win the love of your life’s heart is a print with a tree image that has your initials and your partner’s initials or names carved on the trunk. This type of gift is the perfect present to give on a special anniversary. The noteworthy date is also carved under the two names or initials as well. Or another print, with the same idea, showcases a message in the sand on a beach – another great visual to express your love on an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or your spouse’s or partner’s birthday.

2. Soft and Satiny Pillows

One romantic and unique gift that you can give comes in the form of two pillow cases – both when combined spell the word “Love.” Each pillow case comes personalized as well with your name and your partner’s name at the bottom of each case. You can choose from such embroidery colors as blue, black, or red, any of which is prominently displayed on a white, luxurious, satin-like fabric.

3. A Personalized Heart Pendant

Of course, jewelry that is personalized adds the ultimately romantic touch too. One thing any woman will love is a heart locket that is calligraphically engraved with her name. Include your picture and hers on each side of the pendant. A small diamond on the face of the locket adds a nice accent. Pick the pendant in gold or silver – gold, if she has more traditional tastes or silver if she prefers to be more casual. Or, give the one you love a silver heart pendant that opens up to proclaim the sentiment, “Be Mine” or “I Love You” – a jewelry message for Valentine’s Day.

4. An Engraved Pocket Watch

Watches that are engraved are appreciated by both men and women. Plus, there are so many styles of watches from which to choose. For example, a man’s pocket watch with a gold or silver case can be engraved, either with the name of the recipient or with his monogram. Add a picture of yourself or the two of you next to the face, inside the case.

5. A Personalized Timepiece for the Ladies

Women will like a stainless linked bracelet watch, with their first and last name appearing in raised, gold lettering. Or, include a customized message.

6. A Customized Cookbook

If the one you love likes to cook, then you might want to present him or her with a special recipe book that is engraved with their name on the inside cover. For example, if your partner enjoys cooking Italian cuisine, then find an Italian cookbook and have it personalized. Maybe, they enjoy making gourmet fare. Then a gourmet cookbook is the perfect present.

Personalization: A Special way to show you Care

Romantic gifts are so much more special when you either add a message or a name. If you have a romantic occasion that you are planning to celebrate in the near future, then make plans now to find the ideal personalized gift for the one you love.

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