Pilates DVD Review – My Top 3 Pilates DVDs

Those who are interested in beginning pilates should consider purchasing a Pilates DVD. These DVDs often offer technical instruction for different levels of experience and skill. They can be a great option for those who do not have the time or motivation to take a class, and often offer the same skills. From Pilates  beginners to those who are more experienced, these DVDs can offer technical instruction and review of basic elements and exercises. 'Discovering Pilates' offers many basic workouts that can improve overall stamina and ability. 'WELL Worked Out with Tannis' offers more intense Pilates exercises that are stimulating and relaxing. 'Ten Minute Solutions: Pilates' offers a variety of intensive and specified exercises that can improve overall physical fitness and flexibility.

Pilates DVD Reviews

1. Discovering Pilates

The DVD 'Discovering Pilates' is particularly good for beginners. It stars Jon Belanger and Kate Krusse, two experienced physical instructors. Belanger, a former military official, offers basic advice and simple workout techniques that are both well-informed and useful. Belanger himself owns a Pilates studio, and is highly experienced in the field. Along with Krusse, Belanger provides the most basic advice and tips for beginning to learn Pilates. The DVD is filled with 18 basic exercises that are carefully and patiently laid out by the instructors. These exercises can be employed in later Pilates or used alone for a relaxing workout. Some of the most recognizable exercises that are offered in this beginning segment are the "Hundred", an exercise that helps participants steady their breathing and warm up abdominal muscles; "Side Circles", which require participants to "circle" their legs and arms in the air to stretch and warm-up the muscles; and many other simple exercises. The instructors also display several moves that can be extended from these simple moves, providing a strong basis for more advanced pilates.

'Discovering Pilates' also includes helpful text tips that are overlaid throughout the exercises. These tips are very simple but provide viewers with helpful information to make the moves more beneficial and strengthening. Viewers can also take advantage of the DVDs extra materials, which offer further short exercises and advanced positions.

2. Well Worked Out With Tannis

Another popular DVD is 'WELL Worked Out with Tannis", starring Tannis Kobrinsky. Kobrinsky is a renowned Pilates instructor, with over ten years of experience in specified Pilates instruction and over 40 years in more generalized fitness instruction. She also holds various fitness and health-based awards and certificates. Kobrinsky has also been praised for her astonishing physique and physical ability, even at the age of 56. The DVD begins with helpful core exercise instruction meant to warmup viewers. Kobrinsky then teaches some exercises inspired by Qi Gong, a Chinese method of exercise and breathing that is meant to increase serenity and improve well-being. The exercises are meant to increase hip flexibility and use self-massage to improve circulation and release tension in the limbs. Kobrinsky also includes exercises meant to increase strength in the arms and legs. These exercises are relatively uniform for the Pilates world, but Kobrinsky offers stimulating options and new concepts for doing them. She also provides stretches and rest periods to reduce strain and improve overall physical function.

Kobrinsky offers enthusiastic instruction that is spirited and helpful. She seems to lean more towards relaxation Pilates, but offers exercises that are still physically awarding. This video, and her others, offer a great stepping stone into beginning Pilates through higher levels of strength and function.

3.  10 Minute Solution Pilates

A third highly popular DVD is the '10 Minute Solution' for Pilates. The '10 Minute Solution' series offers disks including five ten-minute exercises for various fitness programs. This Pilates video stars Lara Hudson, who created the exercises, displaying various short and rewarding workouts. Each exercise seeks to address a different part of the body or strengthening aspect. Viewers can choose to watch a single segment or can choose segments based on schedule and desire.

The first segment, 'Pilates for Abs' offers a short series of stretches and actions that can be used to strengthen the abdominal muscles. The instruction is meant to connect the viewer with their "core", thereby activating and working the inner muscles of the stomach. These exercises can be especially helpful for those who want to flatten their midsection, and are much more interesting than many other abdominal exercises. The 'Pilates for Buns and Thighs' segment offers circling and stretching techniques that are meant to firm the lower back and thighs. The exercises are meant to release tension in these areas while also using slow, dynamic methods to provide strength and improve muscle tone. 'Sculpting Pilates' focuses on the upper body, particular the shoulders and arms. Using methods similar to those in 'Buns and Thighs', the exercises call for the use of small weights to provide light strain and improve mobility and strength. Those who are looking for deeper intensity and strain, the 'Pilates Burn' segment offers more strenuous exercises such as planking to improve energy and ability to hold through strain. The exercises also aid and incorporate the entire body, providing a quick overall boost. The final segment, 'Pilates for Flexibility', incorporates various positions and exercises that are meant to improve overall flexibility. The segment includes full body positions as well as positions that are more focused on specific areas of the body or specific body parts.

Hudson offers enthusiastic and understandable advice for basic structure of the exercises and tips for better movement through them. The video includes the option to choose one segment or to select and arrange them according to personal preference. This allows for completely personalized workouts that will pinpoint problem areas.

Those who are looking for the best Pilates DVD should view one of these three. Each DVD offers exceptional instructors who teach both basic and advanced exercises with precision and motivation. The exercises range from beginner to intermediate, and allow viewers of any skill set to enjoy the videos. There are many benefits to using Pilates, and viewers can improve their physical and mental health and stamina through viewing these videos. They allow even the most physically shy individuals to flourish and improve physical fitness.

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